Fairytale-travel “The Goat is looking for the Sun”

Fairytale-travel “The Goat is looking for the Sun”

“In a village lived people who were kind and industrious, but they have nothing. Every month Dragon Gorynych flew and took contribution. Once it flew but people couldn’t give anything. The Dragon became angry. And then he got the Sun…” It is the beginning of the adventures of merry and decisive Goat. Together with spectators Goat goes into uneasy and dangerous trip aimed at saving the Sun from Dragon Gorynych.

Performance moves and on the way brave travelers meet Stork-guard, Old enchantress and even Death… Readiness and kindness help to find the road to Dragon. And with the help of magic accordion and little spectators Goat retrieves the Sun to the sky.

Kolyada’s Byelorussians aesthetics, authentic Byelorussians masques-images serve as a source for making a bright pageant. During last 3 years theatre learns rite of Kolyada. All this has found its place in the tale.

Actors: Siarhei Haiko, Aleg Harbatsiuk,Sviatlana Haidalionak, Hanna Fiodarava, Aksana Haiko, Lena Shtyk

Director: Aksana Haiko

Music: Aleksandr Budko

Help: Aliaksandr Kazlianka, KanstancinTurcheniak, Andrei Aleksievich, Uladzimir Baranouski, drummer`s group “Los Perdidos”

Masques, costumes, properties: theatre “Кryly halopa”

Duration: 35-45 minutes (depends on length of the route)

Premiere happened on the 1st of June in 2008 in Kobrin boarding school.

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