Theatre “Kryly khalopa” (from 2001 till 2011 Free theatre) was founded in 2001 as an activist project joining art and critical view on the social and political situation in Belarus.

Theatre Mission: implementation in the performative form of the critical view on the problems of society, the development of contemporary theatre art of Belarus and innovative theatre practices.

Activity: the creation of the performances, theatre pedagogue, educational events (lectures, meetings, presentations), realization of the theatre programs and projects, also with chidren and people with disabilities, work of the theatre library, experience exchange with the theorists and practitioners from Belarus and other countries.

From 2001 till 2016 the theatre realized more than 10 performative street actions.

Created 12 performances (including 5 street), which are different with the stylistic, visual language and method of work on it. The performances of the theatre KX (from Cyrillic ‘Крылы Халопа’) were presented on more that 50 international theatre and cultural festivals in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Danmark, France.

  • 2002 – “Elizaveta Bam” by Daniil Kharms
  • 2003- “20 000 000” by documents and news about the war in Iraq in 2003
  • 2003 – stree performance “Bandarouna” by poem of Janka Kupala
  • 2004 – “Goods-Money-Goods” by the works of French situationists
  • 2007 – “Maleficium” by own script
  • 2008-  “The Goat is in Search of the Sun” the tale by own script
  • 2009 – “The Trial” by texts of Franz Kafka
  • 2010 – “To Ringfly” by texts of Daniil Kharms
  • 2012 –  “The Pants”  by play of Pavel Pryazhko. (February 2013 – the organization of the first in Belarus online broadcast of the performance)
  • 2013 – “Chernobyl” documentary performance by materials of 2 expeditions to the Zone of resettlement, interviews etc.
  • 2014 – “The Tales of Vialikaye Sialo” the performance realized with children on the base of the stories of Vialikaye Sialo village
  • 2017 – site-specific performance, in the city space Brest Stories Guide (


The actors of the theatre hold the workshops in Belarus, USA, Poland, France, Ukraine, Russia, and Lithuania. From 2016 the theatre opened the School of Collective Art, within the frames of which each years the amateurs are gathered in the theatre studio.

Other theatre projects

In 2006-2008 the theatre participates in the projects of animation of culture in Warsaw together with the theatre Remus: work with children and teenagers in the Prague district, in the camp of Chechen refugees, in the rehabilitation centers with the people with disabilities. In 2006-2016 it shows the performances, holds the workshops in Belarus: in the orphanages (Kobrin, Dyvin, Buchemlyany, Brest), with the inhabitants of Neuropsychiatric Orphanage Novinki (Minsk).

The theatre organized open-air festivals: The Day of Podgorodskaya Street ( 2008-2010), Pryzba-fest: Theatre. Ecology. Social art (2014), Festival of alternative culture “Cult A” (2011) and others, ans also exhibitions, film screenings, meetings, freemarkets and other cultural events.

In November 2014 the theatre opened KX Space, which works as theatre, gallery and the space for holding cultural events.

In 2018 the theatre was awarded by The Golden Dove, UN Award for those who put a significant contribution to the protection of the rights and dignity of each person.