Kryly Khalopa Theatre ( from 2001 till 2011 – Free Theatre) created in 2001 as the community of people joined with the political and creative views.
The main prerequisite of the theatre emergence were the critical view on the surrounding reality, reaction to the political situation and a wish to join an art and activism.

The theatre started from actions in public spaces and happenings. From 2001 to 2015 realised about 15 actions.

During 2001-2016 the theatre created 11 performances (4 of them are street performances), which are different in the stylistic, the visual language and the method of working:

2002 – “Elizabeth Bam” based on the texts of Daniil Kharms
2003 – “20 000 000” based on chronics from the war in Iraq
2003 – street performance “Bandarouna” based on the poem of Janka Kupala
2004 – “Goods-Money-Goods”, based on the French situationist texts
2007 – Street performance-parade “Malefitsium” on the own script
2009 – “The Trial” on the works of Franz Kafka
2010 – The children’s street performance “The Goat in search of The Sun”, based on Belarus folk traditions
2011 – The street performance “TORINGFLY” on the works of Daniil Kharms
2013 – “The Pants” on the play by Pavel Pryazhko
2013 – documentary performance “Chernobyl” based on the results of 2 expeditions, interviews, online forums.
2014 – “Tales of Vialikaye Sialo” performance realized with the children based on the local stories

Theatre performances have been presented at more than 40 international theater festivals in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark, France.

KH Theatre introduced its works at international festivals:

  • International Theatre Festival “Formy teatralne” (Warsaw, Poland) – 2002
  • International Theatre Festival “Maski” (Poznan, Poland) – 2002
  • International Festival of the Independent Art “No Culture without Subculture” (Minsk, Belarus) – 2004
  • International School of Theatre Anthropology – ISTA (Wroclaw, Poland) – 2005
  • XIV International Festival of Street Theatres (Jedlina Zdroj, Poland) – 2006
  • International Theatre Festival “Na pomostach” (Olsztyn, Poland) – 2006
  • International Festival of Street Theatres “FETA” (Gdansk, Poland) – 2006
  • XXIV International Festival of Street Theatres (Jelenia Gora, Poland) – 2006
  • II International Festival of Street Theatres (Gorzow Wlkp., Poland) – 2007
  • Festival “Kupala Night” (Scernevice, Poland) – 2007
  • International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” (Brest, Belarus) – 2007
  • Central Europe Theatre Festival “Sasiedzi” (Lublin) – 2008
  • Theatre Festival “Wioska teatralna” (Wegajty, Polska) – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013
  • Theatre Festival “Lodzkie Spotkania Teatralne” (Lodz, Poland) – 2008 Special mention of jury
  • Festival “Empty Hills” (Russia) – 2009
  • Theatre Festival “Crossroads” (Lodz, Poland) – 2009
  • Festival “Black Petrograd” (St.-Petersburg, Russia) – 2009
  • International Festival of Modern Art “Dach” (Minsk, Belarus) – 2009, 2010
  • International Theatre Festival “Wertep” (Hainowka, Bialowieza, Poland) – 2009, 2010
  • International Theatre Festival “Drabyna” (Lviv, Ukraine) – 2010 The main award for the performance “The Trial”
  • Festival “Wejrzenia na Wschod” (Мaszewo, Polska) – 2011
  • International Festival of Street Theatres SZTUKA ULICY (Warsaw, Poland) – 2012
  • International integration Theatre Festival One Day (Minsk, Belarus) – 2012
  • International Women’s Theatre Festival TRANSIT, held in Odin Teatret (Denmark, Holstebro)
  • International Festival of Street Theatres in Minsk (Belarus) – 2013
  • International Theatre Festival “Teatralny Koufar” (Minsk, Belarus) – 2013
  • International Theatre Festival “Mandrivnyi Vishak” (Lutsk, Ukraine) – 2013
  • International Theatre Festival “МАSKI” (Poznan, Poland) – 2013
  • Festival of urban culture “Urban Fest” (Murmansk, Russia) – 2014
  • Festival of independent Belarusian culture (Wroclaw, Poland) – 2014
  • International Women’s Theatre Festival (Montpellier, France) – 2015
  • International Theatre Festival ODE (Belostok, Poland) – 2015

Other projects of the theatre:

2002-2016 (with the breaks) – organisation of arthouse-film club in different cinemas and venues in the city in Brest.
2006-2008 – participation in the projects of animation of culture in Warsaw together with the theatre Remus: work with children in unfavourable districts of Warsaw, in a camp of Chechen refugees, in rehabilitation centres with incapacitated people.
2006-2016 – participation in the projects of animation of culture in Belarus: in orphanages (Kobrin orphanage, Divin orphanage-school and others), with incapacitated people from a psycho neurological clinic Novinki in Minsk.
2008-2010 – organization of the Day of Padgarodskaya Street (multicultural community street festival uniting performances, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings etc.)
2009-2016 – organisation of regular free-markets in Brest.
2011 – organisation of the Festival of Alternative culture «Cult A» in Brest.
2013 – the start of the Internet theatre in Belarus (organization the first on-line broadcast of the play “The Pants” by Pavel Pryazhko)
2013 – the beginning of the project of documental theatre “Histories of Bela-rus”. Two projects were realised: “Chernobyl” and “Tales of Vialikaye Sialo”
2013 – 2016 – the Chernobyl project (documentary performance Chernobyl, organization of the children drawing contest and exhibitions).
2014 – coordination and curating of the 3-day`s festival “PRYZBA-fest: Theatre. Ecology. Social art” in National park Belavezhskaja Puscha.
2014 – 2015 – educational project of public lectures “European Café in re-gions” (public lectures on the themes of contemporary history, art, philoso-phy etc.)
2014 – openning of KX Space in Brest, which joins gallery and theatre. Since November 2014 till March 2016 there were organised more than 150 events (lectures, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, films etc.)
2014-2015 – organisation of Factory of New Year presents (master classes of creating gifts, freemarket).
2015 – organisation of ecological festival “Ekoles” (master classes, freemarket, exhibition, presentation of the eco-initiatives, and others.)