The base for the performance “Chernobyl” is the materials from two expeditions to the Belarusian part of the zone of resettlement and Zone of resettlement and Polessky Radiation Ecological Reservation, interview of the people who were direct witnesses of the events, documents relating to the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, materials from Internet-forums, dedicated to the building of the first NPP in Belarus.

German journalist Wolfgang Büscher, who went on foot from Berlin to Moscow, called Belarus the symbol of Eastern Europe, “cemetery of history”, “quarry of tragedy,” where ” the material’s just overgrown by grass” … The scale of historical catastrophes and tragedies that the Belarusians lived through is so great that the history of many events turns into a myth or, on the contrary, happens a replacement of painful moments of memory. At some instant, we recognized how important are the understanding and awareness of our history and present, as well as the creation of a modern history textbook of personal stories, which is without ideology, political motives and mythologizing. The project “Chernobyl” became the first chapter of our book.
The performance has three dimensions: refers to the past, bringing to the stage histories of people, whose lives have completely changed after the accident, it analyzes the political and social situation in Belarus now, and looks forward, drawing (un)real pictures of the (un)real future.
In 2016 is marked 30 years since the Chernobyl accident. Perhaps it is an occasion for remembrance and a new perspective on the past events and changed world. Period of half-life influences both on radioactive isotopes and on the human memory …
“… The performance “Chernobyl” is with no doubts an important critical voice of the younger generation. His task is to awaken social consciousness and persuade to talk further about the problem, which, in spite of 28 years, still affects the lives of people in Belarus. The director gives voice to people whom no one can hear, tells about the events that so far haven’t waited the public debate …“ (Pawel Wrona, Gazeta Teatralna, Poznan, 2013)
The official premiere took place in Poznan on December 7, 2013 at the International Theatre Festival “Mask” with the support of the Institute of Adam Mickiewicz and theatre Biuro Podróży (Poznan, Poland).
The play was also presented on the international festivals in Denmark, Poland, Russia and France.
Within the project “Chernobyl” the theatre organized children’s drawing competition on the theme of “Chernobyl”, the results of which were represented in a virtual and a real exhibitions. Children’s works are also included in the video of the performance.

Worked on the performance:

Director: Aksana Haiko

Actors: Sviatlana Haidalionak, Siarhei Haiko, Aksana Haiko

Light, sound and projection: Hanna Fiodarava, Alena Shtyk

Documental video and photo materials: Siarhei Haiko, Aksana Haiko, Andrei Aleksievich, Aliaksandr Mikhalchik

Video editing: Siarhei Haiko

Video art: Veta Verte

Sound design: Andrei Bahdanau

The voice from the top: Irina Hardzeyuk

Work with the texts, documents, internet- forums: Aksana Haiko, Hanna Fiodarava, Sviatlana Haidalionak

Texts translation: Sviatlana Haidalionak, Marina Zaurazhnaya, Saada Arkhipova

Driver: Siarhei Haiko

Children’s drawing competition: Siarhei Haiko, Aksana Haiko, Marina Zaurazhnaya

Duration: 75±10 min (depends on the interactive part with the audience).
Technical rider

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