Street performance-parade “Maleficium”

Street performance-parade “Maleficium”

Carnival splashes into the streets of the town, but it is not Venice, Brazil or Rome…

We based the creating of “Maleficium” on the typical motives and characters of world famous carnivals, most of which occur during the last week before the Lent. Creation of a street enchanting spectacle is served also by a traditional carnival esthetics – stilts, masks, drums, flags, live fire…

At once the whole street gets overcrowded with demons. They hit the drums, split the fire, wave flags and dance… This is the night of theirs! But… What are they doing here, a boy and a girl fallen in love? They see nothing around them, they are engrossed by their love, and they circle dancing. Mischief is approaching to them, because all that demons do – is making harm and evil – MALEFICIUM.

The spectators will go through the streets, involved in mystery that narrates about devil’s temptation – money and power – that Man can’t overcome. It narrates about Man’s free choice, which he is able to make. It is also a story about big and devoted love, that can tear any devil chains.

Director: Aksana Haiko

Veta Verte
Sviatlana Haidalionak
Aksana Haiko
Siarhei Haiko
Aleg Harbatsiuk
Hanna Fiodarava

Music: the drummers’ group «Los Perdidos”.
The group of assistants and Brest Theatre of Fire “ETERE” participate in the parade.

Сostumes: Theatre “Kryly Halopa”

Masks and props: Theatre “Kryly Halopa”

Duration: 45-60 minutes (depending on the length of the route)

Premiere: September 2007, at XII International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” in Brest.

The performance took part in International Theatre festivals «Sasiedzi» Lublin, «Wertep» (Bialowieza-Hajnówka, Poland), «Wioska Teatralna» (Wengajty, Poland), cultural animation projects in Warsaw.

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