Фестиваль альтернативной культуры КультА

Фестиваль альтернативной культуры КультА

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to reach far, go together with the others”

African saying

The hopeless and airless situation of almost total absence (or invisibilities) in Brest of cultural alternative to semi-official holidays, pop concerts, the minor exhibitions which aren’t trying even not to reflect European, but also Belarusian tendencies in the modern art became the main reason of creation of a festival of the CultA … The power, in the aspiration to push as it is possible fur-ther (and deeply) any remote from the standard in art, and tending, just in case to forbid, instead of to resolve, achieved from the citizens of the mixed feeling of passivity, a hopelessness and a complex of the deepest provinciality.

Under “alternative” in the festival name we assume opposition to so called judiciousness making a semantic core of a narrow-minded mainstream. The alternative moves on the ways which are beyond imposed cultural standards. The most important task of alternative art is the creation of new reality. Changed. Alternative. Reality which is existing parallel to standard and enriching with it new and unexpected ideas …

As the aspiration to make the festival was violent and spontaneous, its pilot exit we decided not to connect with cautions for time, finance and the same (actually absolutely sensible and neces-sary) things. Within 3 years we were organizers of “Feast of Podgorodskaya Street” which was alternative to semi-official rejoicings in the city. But the concept of “Feast of Podgorodskaya Street” was rather entertaining, and the main thing in it, in our opinion, was a creation of the at-mosphere of freedom and an open-air carnival. Circumstances of our resettlement in the other building (South district) and loss of a magic glade near the club on Vulka compelled us to stop this project (we hope not forever) and to find other conceptual decision for the festival.

It was essentially decided to devote the first CultA to local initiatives. Because most often we don’t know even that people do near us. It is impossible to tell that we were satisfied by selected material, but the most for us were important legalization and display for everyone alternative art created in Brest. And we aimed to create the context for association and demonstration of vari-ous art currents and directions in Brest.
Further we plan along with local, the invitation and presentation of projects from Poland, Germany etc. The most significant to us is to unite, compare, reflex the tendencies, methods and re-ceptions with which artists of the so-called alternative environment, but different cultural con-texts operate today.

Program of the I Festival of alternative culture CultA

OCTOBER 2, 2011.

15.00 “The main Hero” dir. Maria Redko – movie display.
16.00 Presentation of LAND ART- the project and exhibition – “WG” home concert.
16.30 Opening of an exhibition of Anatoly Todorski.
17.00 “To ringfly” – street performance of Free theater on Daniel Kharms’s works. Music – “Rational Diet” group.
18.00 “Workshop” – movie display about creation of alternative cultural spaces.
19.00 Presentation – the announcement of the Brest literary site “Litrazh”. Speech of poets Vladimir Glazov, Dmitry Rybak, Ales’ Poplavsky.
19.30 Presentation of the performatory cycle “Organic Work” of Bergamot group.
20.30 Concert Lyokhi Chykanasa (Minsk).
21.00 Jam session with participation of musicians of groups “Rational Diet”, “Los Perdidos”, “Dalailama Band”.
During all festival movies of a creative platform “What to do?” are shown non-stop ” (St. Peters-burg).

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