Фримаркет – бесплатная ярмарка

Фримаркет – бесплатная ярмарка

Theatre Kryla Halopa’s is the organizer of regularly carried out free-market-fair, which makes the alternative to the goods-money relations.

What is freemarket?

Freemarket is a free fair where people bring things which become not necessary to the owners, but can be useful to someone else.

Rules of freemarket:
1. No sale/purchase.
2. No exchange.
3. No junk.

You can bring bothered or already unnecessary things (clothes, books, ware, household ap-pliances, a sports equipment, board games, a stationery and many other things) and to take away any thing, necessary or pleasant to you.

FREEMARKET is necessary in order that:
– to stop doing shopping, and at this time to meet friends,
– to make that you are able to make,
– to receive something as a gift,
– to take out from the house unnecessary things not on a garbage can, but to transfer them to somebody’s hands and all is FREE!

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