Internet theatre: “Panties” by Pavel Pryazhko

Internet theatre: “Panties” by Pavel Pryazhko

KH theatre is the first Internet theatre in Belarus.

On February 28, 2013 for showing forbidden play in Brest we organized the Internet translation, the first in the history of the Belarusian theatre.

In September, 2013 we began work on the project of readings of plays of the Belarusian playwrights. In December was prepared the first play “The Pants” by Pavel Pryazhko’s.

We were compelled to show it to the so-called art commission consisting of functionaries “from culture” and representatives of “official” culture of Brest. As a result the play “The Pants” was forbidden for display.

A search of an alternative place (cafe, club) for performance wasn’t successful because the owners of institutions simply were afraid. All we could do is to gather the audience in the flats, with no opportunity of advertising..

The hopelessness brought us to the innovative for Belarus technology the Internet – theatre.

Today it seems that a simple reading of the play turned into a more volume and multilayered product. Firstly, it is the strategy of struggle and bypass of censorship restrictions, which is highly relevant to the Belarusian context. Secondly, it is the way out of the borders of theatrical practices and connection of disparate artistic and technical forms and languages.

Those Belarusian plays, which we consider as interesting to reading, obviously are not acceptable of “official” culture, especially in the Belarusian province. Therefore the Internet theatre seems to us today one of not numerous opportunities to show not format works to the viewer, without resorting to coordination, statements, approvals and humiliations … And we intend to continue…

Theatre “Kryly halopa”. Online-reading of the play “The Pants” by Pavel Pryazhko.


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