KX Space (KX – from Cyrillic ‘Крылы Халопа’) is an independent cultural space in Brest. It was opened in 2014 by the collective of Kryly Khalopa theater. KX Space is created as a platform for education, presentation, research and communication in the field of theater, contemporary art, non-formal education. KX work is aimed to activate the cultural life in the region and Belarus, to support local initiatives. KX space is opened for the implementation of local community projects, aimed to form the active position of the involvement and influence on own lives and life of the community.


The main activity of the Space is the work of the theater Kryly Khalopa: creation and presentation of the performances, the work of theater studios, educational events (lectures, meetings, film screenings), the realization of theatrical programs and projects, including one with children and disable people, the work of the theatrical library, exchange of experience with theorists and practitioners of Belarus and other countries. Activity of KX creates an active communication platform in Belarus in the field of contemporary performative practices, promotes inclusiveness of many different groups of people in their projects.

In 2016 in KX Space was opened the School of Collective Art, where the work of actor studios for adults and children was started. The main aim of the School is the development of the abilities of individual and collective creation, forming the critical view on the problems of the society and opportunities to embody this view in theatrical and artistic form.


KX space works as a gallery, regarding the shortage of gallery spaces in Belarus. The main objectives in this direction of KX are the presence of Belarusian and foreign contemporary art in the public space of Brest, support the critical and contemporary art, as well as the projects aimed an inclusion of “excluded” artists for various reasons, creation of a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, local and international cooperation, participation in Belarusian and international exhibition projects.

In 2016 in KX were held the exhibitions of Belarusian artists and photographers Andrey Liankievich, Alexander Veledimovich, Olga Sosnovskaya, Aleksey Tolstov, Semion Motolianets, Artur Bondar (Kiev-Moscow), Collective of Concrete Dates (Kiev), as well as the exhibition of Belarusian deviant contemporary art.

Non-formal education

An important activity of KX is non-formal education: the organization of lectures, discussions, meetings, workshops and courses. KX Space cooperates with professional expert community of Belarus, Eastern and Western Europe in the field of culture, art, art management, history, film, gender. The main conditions for the themes are relevance, work with the persistent negative society stereotypes, innovation, and focus on the definition of listeners’ attitude to important local and European affairs. Children’s audience is also in the focus of participation in the programs.

Cultural events

KX Space is the platform, which is open for various cultural events: film screenings, performances, readings, creative meetings. Arthouse-cinema club “Oxygen” is constantly working in KX.


KX Space has a library, formed in the directions: theater, contemporary art, photography and others. The library fund is constantly updated with the latest editions from Belarus, Russia, Poland and other European countries.


Hall (50 m2) with 70 seats, equipped with the theatrical light, projection, sound and gallery facilities, WI-FI + room for coffee breaks.